Thursday, 20 August 2015

My sponsored bike ride from Dalby Forest via Whitby to Scarborough - by Joseph Banks

My sponsored bike ride from Dalby Forest via Whitby to Scarborough

My Dad and I set out on a 70-mile bike ride to raise money for the village defibrillator fund this week.

We started out from Dalby Forest and the ride took us through Dalby Forest, Langdale Forest and over the Moors.

We stopped near the Illa Cross (a standing stone which might be an ancient stone cross or a more recent boundary marker) for our lunch.

The moors looked spectacular as the heather is in bloom at the moment. It was hard work cycling over all the hills on the moors and the tracks were pretty rough.

Once we were over the moors we headed to Hawsker where we joined the coastal cycle path which used to be a railway line built there in 1855.

We stayed in Whitby overnight. I was very tired and after something to eat I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

We woke up the next morning to a cold, rainy day. What a contrast from the day before!
After a good breakfast we set off on day two. We headed out of Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay. There were some great views of the sea looking dramatic from our cycle path.

After Robin Hood’s Bay we climbed slowly up to Ravenscar. This is where the weather was worst because the wind blew the rain off the sea horizontally.

Fortunately after that it was a long descend down to Scarborough. By the end of the trail we were wet, tired but happy to have finished.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us to do the ride. Once we have collected the donations we will let everyone know how much we raised.

Joseph Banks, age 12

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