Thursday 22 January 2015

Huttons Ambo Parish Council - Draft minutes of meeting on 14th January 2015



1.       Present & Apologies Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Maggie Stone, Jessie Garnett, Richard Green & Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.

2.       Minutes of the November meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.       Matters Arising
a) Parish Community Plan
Andy reported that there had been 42 returns to the recent questionnaire and that a summary would be prepared and made public over the next several weeks.  Plans to improve facilities at the Village Hall had been particularly supported whilst improvements to A64 junctions less so, perhaps because they were considered less realistic for the local community.
b) Public Rights of Way condition survey
The AONB officer had responded supporting efforts to ensure appropriate maintenance and explaining the work that AONB staff and volunteers can do.  The AONB is not able to offer additional assistance.  Simon had contacted the NYCC officer responsible who has undertaken to make a site visit to view the issue at Bridleway No 1.
c) Malton & Norton Joint Neighbourhood Plan
Jem reported that Malton and Norton Town Councils have not yet addressed the issue of “employment land” (York Rd. Industrial Estate).  Both Settrington and Huttons Ambo parishes may be invited to participate fully in preparation of a joint Plan covering both parishes and towns.  Otherwise Huttons Ambo PC will be involved only in discussion relating to potential development within the Parish.  This second option was considered to be preferable, but no decision will be taken until a formal approach has been made.
d) NYCC Grass Cutting
Jem has forwarded a plan indicating the verges considered to be most critically in need of periodic cutting in the interest of road safety.  The Council will monitor the effects of the reduced cutting programme, including making photographic records.

4.       New Matters
a) Storage of Council documents
Jem reported that there is a risk of deterioration due to damp if archive documents remain at Ambo Cottage.  It was agreed that these would be returned to the Village Hall for storage.
b) Shale Gas – Fracking
It was not considered appropriate to take any position in the absence of a specific proposal being put to the Council.  It was recognised that strong views are held on the subject and that the position of any Parish (anti- or pro-) fracking group would be recognised.  Though understanding of the issues involved was variable within the Council it was not considered appropriate to seek guidance.

5.       Planning
a) R F Racing, Musley Bank – tree planting
The revised landscaping proposals have been approved.

6.       Finance
a) Budget Progress
Jem presented income/expenditure data, in period and to date, and, overall, the position is satisfactory.
b) Budget 2015/16
Jem presented a draft budget which was accepted.

7.       Any Other Business
a) Local Government Finance
YLCA had written seeking support in opposing proposals made by a government minister regarding statutory referendums for Parish Councils in some, loosely defined, circumstances.  It was agreed that the proposals would undermine local democracy and that Andy will send a brief letter of support.
b) Yorkshire Water
Yorkshire Water are to assume responsibility for privately owned sewage pumping units.  It is not thought that there are any within the parish.

10.     Date of Next meeting(s)
11th March 2015 at 7.30 and, provisionally, 13th May at 7.00 for the Annual Meeting and 7.30 for the Parish Council meeting.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Andy Dorman, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

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