Saturday 22 November 2014

Trial Lowering of River Derwent - Environment Agency asks for evidence to help with computer modelling

Following the recent trial lowering of the River Derwent the Environment Agency has asked for any objective evidence about the effects of the trial that the public can provide:

 From the EA:

What is this about?

During September the Environment Agency carried out a trial to lower the level of the River Derwent
between Kirkham and Malton. We did this by opening our sluice gates at Kirkham. The aim of the trial was to see if the river behaved in the way our computer modelling predicted, so that we could understand what might happen if we were to make any changes to our structures at Kirkham in the future. We gathered a large amount of data during and after the trial and are now in the process of reviewing and interpreting that. To ensure any future decisions are based on the most comprehensive information we also want to ask the local community for any observations they might have from the trial.

How can I get involved?

At this stage we are only looking for factual information - not opinions about what should happen to the
weir and sluices. We are encouraging local people to share any information they have about what
happened to the river during or since the trial.

For this information to be useful we need you to tell us:

• What you saw
• Where you saw it
• It would also be helpful if you can say when you saw it

Any photographs or video you have of what you saw would also be useful.

Please send any information to:

Mark Reid
Environment Agency
Coverdale House
Aviator Court, Amy Johnson Way,
Clifton Moor,
York YO30 4GZ

Please send your responses to us by 30 November

What will happen next?

Before the end of the year we will share a summary of the key findings from the trial with the local
community. We will then begin the technical process of developing possible future options for the weir and sluices. We know that people along the River Derwent are passionate about the river and its future so we will ensure that we explain this process clearly and give the local community the opportunity to put forward their comments and opinions at each stage of the options development.

You can download the original EA pdf document here.

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