Tuesday 14 October 2014

Huttons Ambo Village Hall Refurbishment Fund and Committee

Announcement regarding the establishment of the
Huttons Ambo Village Hall Refurbishment Fund and Committee

Thursday October 9th 2014

This was the first meeting of the committee formed to manage the Village Hall Refurbishment Fund and
the improvement works and associated fundraising.

The Committee has the following members:
Andy Clark, Sarah Clark, Andy Dorman, Liz Ellis,
Clare Jenyns (representing The Estate), Sara Swindells, Jayne O’Ehley (Treasurer)

The initial work to be completed by the committee will be:

  • to scope out the work required to refurbish and improve the kitchen and toilet areas of the hall
  • to prepare a costing to deliver the above
  • to prepare a realistic – phased timeline to complete each stage of the programme
  • to investigate the potential sources of funding to support this refurbishment work and apply for such funding
  • where appropriate
  • to deliver a set of fundraising activities to raise cash for the plan
  • to encourage support, donations and potentially volunteer labour to work with us to create a functional and
  • comfortable village facility

The bookings and the day to day hall management will continue to be carried out by the Village Hall Management Committee.

The Refurbishment Committee’s remit and the associated fundraising will purely be towards the modernisation and improvement of facilities – not running costs.

For those of you who are unaware of how the relationship between The Estate, the Village Hall and The Community works – Clare has advised us that:

“there is an agreement between the existing village hall committee and the estate. The lease dates back to 11th
October 1960 and is for a term of 99 years which takes us to 2059. The Estate is keen to keep the village hall running and has done what it can in order for this to happen and will continue to support the Village Hall.”

As you are aware the Village Hall and the village social activities generally are recognised, valued and featured as a high priority on your initial feedback to the Parish Plan questionnaire earlier this year.

Whilst the Parish Plan development and consultation process is on-going and because providing a more functional environment to produce the events and particularly catering, is becoming essential to the success of future events – we are progressing this now. We ask that you continue to reflect your recognition and the value placed on this facility and the activities it enables through the Parish Plan consultation process – particularly as this may assist us with any grant funding we find we are eligible for.

So, we promise to keep you updated on the progress on fundraising, funding applications and the actual refurbishment work – both via The Bulletin, the website and The Howardian.

We look forward to your support going forward and that in the short term you enjoy the fundraising activities we arrange and in the longer term you will benefit from a much improved village facility.

Many thanks

Liz Ellis

All enquiries should be addressed to Liz@huttonsambo.com or through letterbox of 1 Carr Cottages Low Hutton (green door)

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