Sunday 6 April 2014

Parish Questionnaire - Summary of Results



Questionnaire returns:

Upper Low Village
Lower low Village
Low Lane & Low Hutton Park
High Village & outliers

Features cited by 3 or more respondents:

            Likes No. %             Don't change No. %
Tranquillity 23 17 Herbie's 14 19
Herbie's 22 17 Absence of street lights 14 19
Environment 16 12 Rural nature 13 18
People 14 11 No. of houses 8 11
Community spirit 9 7 Friendly neighbours 3 4
Walks 8 6
Village facilities 8 6
Events/activities 7 5
No street lights 5 4
Church 4 3
No through road 3 2
Location 3 2
          Dislikes No. %           Change No. %
State of roads (pot-holes/drainage) 25 24 Mend roads & footpaths/fix drainage 10 11
A64 junctions 12 11 A64 accesses 8 9
Bad driving (speeding etc) 10 10 Manage verges better (maint./cutting/conservation) 8 9
State of footpaths 5 5 More social (evening?) events (inc. alcohol?) 6 7
Nowhere to "drop in" (pub/café etc) 4 4 Get a Pub 5 6
State of Swing Bridge 4 4 Play area(s) 5 6
Dog mess 4 4 Reduce vehicle speed/Impose speed limit 5 6
Inconsiderate parking 3 3 Improve use of green (Play area, picnics, wild flowers) 3 3
Lack of play area 3 3 Upgrade Village Hall facilities 3 3
Herbie’s, and the tranquillity, the environment and rural/traditional nature, along with the absence of street lights, are the principal features of the village people like and don’t want to change.  Not being on a through road is seen as valuable, as is the low level of signage.  There is an antipathy to development, though houses for the elderly were excepted by a minority of respondents.

People, community spirit and social events are also much appreciated in general and the Meeting Point, the Flower & Produce Show and the Church choir are cited, though a significant number of respondents would like more events, possibly including the occasional sale of alcohol.  A need to increase community voluntary participation was mentioned.

Village facilities are also valued (hall, church, bus shelters, ‘phone boxes and the local bus service) although the cuts to the bus service were deprecated.

The village green was mentioned as an asset by some but  its under-utilisation is seen by several as a wasted opportunity, with the lack of/possible provision of, a play area being cited by some.

The absence of a village pub (or café) was raised by a number of respondents, by some as a positive, and others a negative, feature.

The condition of the roads and footpaths is the major concern raised, particularly pot-holes and flooding.

Road safety at junctions with the A64 is seen as a major problem by a large proportion of the respondents.

 Traffic features as another significant concern, with excessive speed (particularly between the villages) and lack of care/courtesy in driving and inconsiderate parking mentioned.  Damage to verges by large vehicles and tractors were singled out by some.

The state of verges, footpaths and the Swing Bridge, and their value as village features, are recognised by many, and their maintenance seen as a priority.


The Parish Council hopes that this information will be used to draw up a simple Plan which would outline a vision for the Parish and set out actions that will help realise that vision.  The existence of a Plan would;

·       Give the Community a voice
·       Provide evidence of local needs and views
·       Generate action, both by authorities and volunteers
·       Improve community spirit and involvement

Parish Plans have been drawn up by a number of other parishes in the Ryedale area. Such plans are not Parish Council documents. On the contrary the idea is that this Plan would be developed by the Community as a whole, with some facilitation by the Parish Council.

If you might be interested in becoming involved please contact one of your Parish Councillors; Andy Dorman, Maggie Stone, Jessie Garnett, Richard Green and Simon Lealman or the Clerk, Jem Charles.  If sufficient interest in participating is expressed  a meeting will be called to explain the process further.

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