Saturday 29 September 2012

Church Gates Gone - For Refurbishment

Church gates and evening mist
The gates at St Margaret's church in High Hutton are old friends and over the years they've provided me with many a photo opportunity. They also feature in weddings, it's traditional for the children of the village to tie the gates closed with string during the ceremony and then demand payment to release the newly wed couple.

Last leaf, High Hutton

But age has scarred the gates and frost has cracked the pillars - so the parochial church council has found some funds to restore them. The gates have been removed temporarily so that they they can be shot-blasted and repainted and the pillars repaired and they should be back in a few weeks.

Church Gates, High Hutton

If you like these pictures you can see a small gallery of black and white photographs taken around and in the church here on our flickr site.

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