Thursday 25 November 2010

Product Show - Notes for Exhibitors

Huttons Ambo Flower & Produce Show


  1. Exhibits must be entered between 10.00 am and  12.30 pm on the day of the Show.
  2. Only Flower Arrangements may be taken into the Hall by exhibitors.


  1. Read the schedule carefully and check that your entry has the right number of beans, flower stems etc!
  2. Onions should be dressed, which means roots cut short and stem cut, folded and tied. They should also have flaking skin layers removed.
  3. Beetroot should have leaf stalks cut to a few inches and be tied in a bunch.  Keep roots on to avoid bleeding.
  4. Carrots should also have their tops cut short.
  5. Courgettes Most judges prefer the flowers left on.
  6. Tomatoes should  be displayed with the calyx left on.
  7. Flowers may be exhibited in any container: vase, jam jar etc. Display by gathering in a loose band or stuffing the container with wet newspaper.
  8. Flower arrangements Neat bindings are important.  Avoid foil if possible.
  9. Bread should be baked the day before the show if possible.
  10. Preserves should be labelled, including date.  Jars should not carry any visible proprietary brand name.  Make sure lids don’t smell of the jars’ previous contents!!
  11. Children’s Classes Entries must show the age of the exhibitor.
This can be downloaded here as a Word document here: Notes For Exhibitors (Word)
or here as an Adobe pdf file Notes For Exhibitors (PDF)

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