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Parish Council Minutes - July 16th 2019

Huttons ambo parish council MINutes

From Meeting On July 16th 2019


1.    Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies


Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman, Emma Samuel, Philip Barraclough and Sarah Banks (Clerk). Apologies were received from David Banks (Chair). Andy Dorman acted as Chair for the meeting


2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.


3. Matters Arising


a)    Monitoring of PRoW: David had met with Richard Wainwright with a list of the issues regarding rights of way. These were passed on to the estate who have now confirmed all the necessary works have been carried out to address the issues identified. It was agreed that this had been a very useful exercise and that the PC should write to Rona Charles to thank her for her work in mapping and organising the walks and collating the information gathered so any issues could be addressed.


b)    Tree inspections: David has met with Tom Cundall, and was given a quote for £420 to examine three trees - The Millennium oak, the sweet chestnut on the green and the copper beech opposite Herbie’s. Cundalls also noticed some hanging branches which they will remove for £150. The total for this work would be £570. It was agreed to go ahead with the work. David will arrange with Cundalls.


c)    Low Lane End: David has written to Highways England regarding the safety issue with the turn off at Low Lane End. He is still awaiting a response.


d)    Litter and bins in Station car park: Following the new contract with Streetscene, Andy has fitted two bins in the village - one on the bus shelter in Low Hutton and the other in the station ‘car park’. These will be emptied by Streetscene. This seems to have solved the issue of litter as both bins are being used and the surrounding areas are now spotless.


4. New Matters


a)    Village Road Markings: Simon Lealman was concerned that some road markings in the village were absent. He was particularly aware that the markings had worn on the road leading to Low Hutton from the village hall. It was agreed that councillors would do a recce of other areas where markings were absent in order that these are re-painted. At the same time, they would send Highways other concerns regarding pot holes on the roads into the village so these could be repaired at the same time. Councillors will send their observations to the clerk who will collate them and forward them to Simon to send onto Highways via the Parish Portal.


b)    Renewal of Bus Services: The clerk had received an email regarding renewal of bus services from April 2020. This includes the 181 bus which passes through the village several times a day. The PC agreed that this was an important service and that the current timetable was the bare minimum acceptable as there are several villagers who don’t drive and rely on this service. The clerk will send the views of the PC to Integrated Passenger Transport by the deadline of July 31st. 2019.


c)    History Group Workshop: The clerk and Philip Barraclough had received an email regarding a history group workshop from the Council for British Archaology (CBA) Yorkshire. It was agreed that the PC would fund one place on this workshop at a cost of £15. It was felt that there may be advice given on opportunities for funding that would benefit the village.


d)    Hogweed: This has recently been professionally treated. Andy and Jem Charles have also been out spraying any remaining surviving hogweed and will continue to do so. The firm who treated the hogweed thanked Andy and Jem for all their hard work which had been a huge help. The aim now is to try to get rid of the source of the hogweed which is seeding from neighbouring properties housing this plant.


e)    Village Information Board: Following on from previous discussions about displaying a village map of walks, councillors discussed the idea of an information board similar to one in Lockton village that may be appropriate for Huttons Ambo as it would incorporate the art group, the history group, as well as walks around the village. Sarah will take photos of this board and look into costings. Councillors suggested the village would need two boards, for High and Low Hutton.


5  Planning: An email had been received that full planning had been given to the Tofoo Company, York Rd Industrial Estate (19/00394/FUL) Installation of effluent treatment plant.


6. Finance


a)    Budget Progess to June 30th 2019

Sarah gave a break down of budget to date.


7. AOB

The cutting of the village verges was raised and discussed by councillors following a parishioner’s concern that one of the signs is obscured on the Coastliner route at the top of the village. Andy will look into this.


8. Date of next meetings



Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council -


© 2019

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