Monday, 24 February 2020

Village road safety meeting - March 24th, 7pm-8pm

A number of parishioners have expressed concern about safety on the A64 junctions. Councillors have met with representatives of Highways England to raise our concerns.

We will be holding a public meeting on March 24 to discuss ongoing changes to the roads around Huttons Ambo and their impact on life in the village.

We will look at:

    Safety at both A64 junctions after recent works

    Traffic speed in the village and a petition for a 30mph speed limit

    Other possible traffic calming measures

    The new 50mph limit on the A64 and other safety works being carried out.

It is very important that anyone concerned about these issues attend the meeting so the parish council can hear your views and reflect them in our communications with highways authorities.

The meeting will run from 7pm before our regular parish council meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to raise any issues, you can email Sarah Banks, parish council clerk at, or drop a note in at the Old School.

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Parish Council Grants

After several years of prudent financial management, the parish council has a modest surplus in its budget and is inviting applications for small grants from community groups.

There are rules on what we can give funding to, but in general we can spend a limited amount on things that will benefit the community, or a section of it.

We would like to receive applications for a particular item, event or activity, rather than general running costs or upkeep. We would also like to hear from anyone who would like to set up a new community group, to see if we could help with that.

All applications will have to be approved by the council at our regular public meetings and will be itemised in our accounts as is our normal practice.

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Monday, 3 February 2020

History Group - Talk on Pickering Church Murals by Kate Giles - Thursday 6th Feb

History Group - Talk on Pickering Church Murals by Kate Giles - Thursday 6th Feb

7pm in the Village Hall - tea coffee to be provided - all welcome.

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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Herbies Shop Opening Times

Shop Opening Times 

From Monday 3rd February 2020 

Monday7:45am to 10:30am & 4pm to 6pm
Tuesday7:45am to 10:30am & 4pm to 6pm
Wednesday7:45am to 10:00am & 4pm to 6pm
Thursday7:45am to 10:30am & 4pm to 6pm
Friday7:45am to 10:30am & 4pm to 6pm
Saturday8:30am to 10:30am & 4pm to 6pm
Sunday8:30am to 10:30am

These are the opening times for the foreseeable future. If you have any ideas on changes to these, please let us know.
Simon, Anne & Hazel

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Minutes from Parish Council meeting on January 14th 2020

Huttons ambo parish council MINutes

From Meeting On January 14th 2020

1.    Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies

 David Banks, Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman, Emma Samuel and Sarah Banks (Clerk). Apologies were received from Philip Barraclough. There were also four members of the public.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the November meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.


3. Matters Arising

a)    Dog Fouling: Following residents’ concerns about the issue of dog fouling, councillors are keen to ensure that the village paths and fields are clear of dog faeces. Councillors agreed to speak to Bob Mansell and Richard Wainwright regarding any concerns about dog faeces in fields where cattle graze. The PC has been offered free dog bag dispensers and bags from a local company. These will be sited in appropriate locations. A note has gone in the village newsletter and there are already notices on the village noticeboards reminding dog owners to pick up after their dog.

b)    Tree Inspections: The chair is following up the issue of tree maintenance with the appropriate contractor and it is hoped a date can be set for this.

c)    Village Information Board: The preferred option is to work with RayMac in Malton to create a sign similar to that in Lockton village. This is a reasonable cost for a foam board. The council would then need to look at how to mount it. The board is primarily aimed at villagers who may not be familiar with the village history or local walks.

d)    Call box: The consultation period ended on December 15th regarding the village call box. Councillors decided to adopt the box with the option of siting the defibrillator inside as it is a more central location and the phone box would provide the equipment with extra shelter.

e)    Broadband Update: There is no update since the last meeting. Councillors feel it is unreasonable for some houses to be connected to Superfast Broadband when others are waiting until Spring 2021. It is possible to register an interest with Superfast North Yorkshire and the more people sign up, the better. Councillors are encouraging villagers to contact SFNY via the following fibre checker link: to register their interest. The clerk will publicise this link on the village facebook site as well as asking Denise to add it to the newsletter.

4. New Matters

a)    Pot holes: There are still some potholes that need attention despite recent work. Councillors will email the clerk to collate this information and forward it to Simon to send via the Parish Portal. The clerk will also resend the email with the information about white lines as these also need re-painting.

b)    Low Lane End: Councillors feel it would be useful to hold a public meeting with regard to villagers’ concerns about the junction with the A64 and the proposed speed limit of 50mph along the A64 passing both lane ends. The consequence of this is that there will be an end of speed restriction/national speed limit applies on entry to Huttons Ambo, potentially leaving cars to travel at high speed. The meeting is for villagers to raise any concerns so councillors are able to put these to Highways England in any forthcoming meetings. The clerk will create flyers and distribute these in Huttons Ambo to encourage attendance. The meeting will take place immediately prior to the next PC meeting on Tuesday, March 24th from 7pm-8pm at the Village Hall.

5.  Planning:

a)    The Methodist Chapel (19/01280/FUL) For mention. Councillors have already responded to this plan to support it but noted observations about privacy

b)    Holly Cottage, Huttons Ambo (19/01206/CLEUD) - Withdrawn

c)    DH Group Ltd, Malton Industrial Estate (19/01234/73A) - For mention. Councillors have responded with no comments to make.

6. Finance: Budget Progress to December 31st 2019. The current balance is £7885.34.

The Parish Precept for 2020 is £2800.

The PC is now carrying a small surplus. It is prudent to keep some reserves for emergencies but the PC is now in a position to offer small grants to community groups or villagers thinking of setting up such a group. Those running such groups are invited to make an application to the PC clerk explaining how much they need and what it is for. The PC is keen to support specific activities or purchases rather than general running costs.

7. AOB: The clerk had received an email from Rona Charles regarding upkeep of footpaths in and around the village. Rona will liaise with the chair regarding any repairs that may need doing having been walked more recently by volunteers.

8. Date of next meeting

March 24th 2020 at 8pm following public meeting at 7-8pm regarding Low Lane End to take place at the village hall.

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council -
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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Huttons Ambo Parish Council January 14th 2020 Agenda




Tuesday, January 14th 2020





1          Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence


2          Approval of Minutes of meeting on 12th November


3          Matters arising:


a)     Dog fouling

b)     Tree inspections

c)     Village information board

d)     Low Hutton call box

e)     Broadband update


4          New Matters:


a)     Pot holes

b)     Low Lane End - public meeting tbc



5          Planning:     


            a) Application No: 19/01280/FUL - The Methodist Chapel - For mention

            b) Application No: 19/01206/CLEUD - Holly Cottage - Withdrawn

            c) Application No: 19/01234/73A - DH Group Limited - For mention


6          Finance:


           Budget progress to 31st December 2019

            Parish Precept for 2020     


7          Any Other Business


8          Date of next Meeting


March 2020 tbc

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Huttons Ambo Youth Club - Sessions 2019/2020

Huttons Ambo Youth Club

Next meetings: Monday 16th December 2019 and Monday13th January 2020 in the Village Hall

 Session run from 7pm to 830pm and are run by a paid youth worker and volunteers.

The cost is £2.50 per child and includes activites, games and refreshments.

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St Margaret's Church - Services December 2019 - January 2020

Services December 2019

15th December1000 Holy CommunionCanon Bob Rogers
22nd December1630 Carol ServiceCanon Bob Rogers
25th December1000 Holy CommunionCanon Bob Rogers

Services January 2020

5th January1000 Holy CommunionCanon Bob Rogers
19th January1000 Holy CommunionCanon Bob Rogers

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Hambone’s Hogmanay Hootenanny - December 31st 2019

Hambone’s Hogmanay Hootenanny in the Village Hall

Tuesday December 31st 6pm to 9pm

(or later if we're having fun)

A warm up party for families to kick off your New Year Celebration.

Music from Hutton Ambo’s very own band, Hambone plus one or two local special guests !!!!!!
Bring Your Own Bottle,snacks and nibbles. 

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Village Panto - Mother Goose - Sunday December 15th

Village Panto – Sunday December 15th -1.30 for a 2pm start 

This year it’s Mother Goose

Early booking most welcome

To book please contact Denise:


Adults £6.50
Children £4.5

Drinks, snacks and ice creams available for purchase

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Monday, 18 November 2019

Huttons Ambo Parish Council Minutes - November 2019

Huttons ambo parish council MINUTES

November 12th 2019

1.    Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies

 David Banks, Philip Barraclough, Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman and Sarah Banks (Clerk). Apologies were received from Emma Samuel. There were also three members of the public.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the September meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3. Matters Arising

a)    Call Box: The clerk had received a letter from RDC regarding a consultation process on the removal of the telephone from the phone box in Low Hutton. Following consultation with councillors and notices on village noticeboards and in Herbie’s, no objections were received to the phone’s removal. The PC has decided to adopt the call box. Plans for future use of the call box will be discussed once the BT consultation period is finished (December 15th 2019).

b)    Village Information Board: Since the last meeting Sarah has sourced two companies who create village information boards. The two costings for the project include a local company who are able to help with the design of the board as well as the creation. As Castle Howard has recently put up a similar information board, councillors were keen to get an idea of costings for this before the next meeting.

c)    Tree Inspections: David has asked Cundalls to carry out tree inspections and remedial work as already agreed. Their report will be circulated once it has been received. If it identifies any further works these can be discussed and approved by councillors.

d)   Low Lane End:

    David, Simon and Andy recently met with Highways England regarding current safety and access concerns at Low Lane End. Recent work on the A64 including new barriers appear to have caused traffic to speed up, making it difficult to exit and enter Low Lane safely. The problem of cars doing U-turns continues to be a hazard. There had also been an issue with overgrown foliage next to the new cycle path, causing visibility issues for cars coming off the A64. The increased foliage is due to the sowing of a wildflower mix. Councillors were sympathetic to this but wanted to be certain it would not cause visibility problems for cars getting onto the A64. Foliage has been cut back but may need to be monitored next spring and certain splays may need trimming back to enhance visibility.

    Future plans for the A64 following four fatalities near Crambeck village in 2017 include a reduction of the speed limit to 50mph between the Malton junction of the A64 and Crambeck village. This would reduce the speed of the traffic passing the Huttons Ambo lane ends. However, as a consequence of this Highways England are legally obliged to put an ‘end of speed limit/national speed limit applies’ sign at each lane end into the village to mark the transition between two speed limits. This potentially gives licence for cars to travel at 60mph through the village.

    Councillors and three members of the public present felt this was unacceptable and it was decided that a public meeting would be held in the village to discuss overall concerns with the A64. This would most likely take place in spring when the weather is better. This also gives time for good publicity and to invite officials and councillors from NYCC and Highways England to the meeting. There is clearly a strength of feeling amongst villagers regarding safety issues with getting onto and off the A64 at both junctions. It would be important to amass anecdotal evidence from villagers in preparation for this meeting.

e)    Superfast Broadband: Following work in the village by Superfast North Yorkshire, some residents have had cards through their doors to say they are now eligible for super fast broadband. However, not all houses have received a card meaning they are not yet eligible for connection despite the broadband spine being in place. David has spoken to SFNY who explained that houses are randomly grouped in ‘ponds’. Each pond needs activating before it is capable of being connected. This will happen in batches. Certain villagers have been told they will not be eligible for super fast broadband until spring 2021. Superfast was promised last year and subsequently moved to 2019 and now 2021. David has taken up the case as chair of the PC and is currently objecting to this piecemeal connectivity.

f)     Grass Cutting/Pavement edging: David has spoken to Mark Wilson who will cut the grass where needed and edge pavements through the village before winter.

4. New Matters

a)    Street Lighting: A member of the public approached the council regarding the possibility of street lighting down by the railway bridge. Over summer she had noticed visitors in unfamiliar cars parked here. The parish council is unable to be a lighting authority so this wasn’t something it could deal with. However, if residents got together they may be able to work out a solution to lighting the area. If there are any suspicions of drug use amongst visitors in this area, this should be reported to the police who will monitor the car park.

b)    Dog fouling: A number of residents had asked for the issue of dog fouling to be put on the PC agenda. This has been a particular problem in the field behind Station Cottages. A member of the public present explained that not only is dog mess unpleasant, it is also a serious issue for pregnant cows who may be exposed to a parasitic virus (Neospora) via the faeces causing them to abort calves. Another resident has had problems with regular dog faeces on the path to their house. The PC will invest in signs to put up reminding dog walkers to pick up, bag and dispose of their dog’s faeces. Notices will remind dog owners that it is important to pick up their dog’s faeces - even when walking across fields where it may be felt it doesn’t need picking up and bagging. There are a number of bins around the village and it is permitted to put dog waste bags in these. Councillors agreed to post some polite reminders on the village website/facebook sites and via notices in the village.

c)     Highway maintenance works - Low Hutton - road closure: NYCC Highways are currently filling in the pot holes along the lanes into the village. This means the roads being closed at each lane end in turn as they do the work. There is an issue with villagers only being able to use the top lane exit as it is a dangerous junction to turn right onto. David had spoken to NYCC about a solution. However, temporary traffic lights are not an option. It is therefore important to leave time for any journey and in order to keep safe, turn left onto the A64 and double back at the Welburn turn for journeys east on the A64.

5.  Planning: The clerk had received a letter from RDC regarding the refusal of planning application 19/00902/ADV Harrison Developments at Cherry Tree Close, Malton, for an internally lit sign.

The Clerk had also received a letter from RDC regarding a Certificate of Lawfulness for Holly Cottage, The Green, Low Hutton. Councillors had no evidence to submit with regard to the certificate.

6. Finance: Budget Progress to October 31st 2019. The current balance is £7967.34.

7. AOB: The clerk had received an email from NYCC regarding the parish precept for 2020 which councillors agreed should remain the same as the current year.

8. Date of next meeting

January 14th 2020

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council -

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Parish Council Meeting Agenda November 12th 2019




Tuesday, November 12th 2019




1          Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence

2          Approval of Minutes of meeting on 5th September

3          Matters arising:

a)     Village phone box

b)     Village Information Board

c)     Tree inspections

d)     Low Lane End

e)     Village broadband

f)      Grass Cutting/Pavement Edging

4          New Matters:

a)     Street lighting

b)     Dog fouling

c)     Highway Maintenance Works - Low Hutton - Road closure

5          Planning:

            Application No: 19/01206/CLEUD Holly Cottage, The Green, Huttons Ambo

6          Finance:

           Budget progress to 31st October 2019   

7          Any Other Business

8          Date of next Meeting

Provisionally January 14th 2020

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

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