Friday, 12 July 2019

Saturday Café 17th July - cancelled

 Saturday Café on the 17th July is cancelled and has been moved to the 27th of July

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Hay Raking - St Margaret's Church - saturday 27th July - Volunteers Wanted

Hay raking in the Back Churchyard. - St Margaret’s Church, Huttons Ambo – Saturday 27th July.

If you can spare an hour or so it would be much appreciated if you were able join the Church team to help rake up and pile the hay in the back churchyard beginning at 9.30am on Saturday 27th July.

If you can bring a rake or wheelbarrow it would be very helpful.

Refreshments will be available and all are welcome.

Thank you.

The PCC.

01653 695008.

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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Huttons Ambo Parish Council Meeting July 16th 2019




16th JULY 2019






2          Approval of Minutes of meeting on 16th May


3          Matters arising:


a)    Monitoring of PRoW

b)    Tree inspections

c)    Low Lane End

d)    Litter and bins in Station ‘car park


4          New matters:

a)     Village road markings

b)     Renewal of bus services

c)      History Group workshop

d)     Hogweed

e)     Village Information Board


5          Planning:

           No planning notices



6          Finance:

           Budget progress to 30th June 2019         



7          Any Other Business


8          Date of next Meeting

Provisionally 10th September 2019



Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council


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