Sunday, 7 July 2019

Huttons Ambo Parish Council Meeting July 16th 2019




16th JULY 2019






2          Approval of Minutes of meeting on 16th May


3          Matters arising:


a)    Monitoring of PRoW

b)    Tree inspections

c)    Low Lane End

d)    Litter and bins in Station ‘car park


4          New matters:

a)     Village road markings

b)     Renewal of bus services

c)      History Group workshop

d)     Hogweed

e)     Village Information Board


5          Planning:

           No planning notices



6          Finance:

           Budget progress to 30th June 2019         



7          Any Other Business


8          Date of next Meeting

Provisionally 10th September 2019



Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council


© 2019

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