Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Village Hall Bookings

 If you're planning an event in the Village Hall, please don't just assume that the hall will be free - check the available dates and then call or email Maggie to book it.

You can check the available dates here:

and download the booking terms and conditions.

Remember book it first.

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Forthcoming Events - May/June 2019

2th May 7pm History Group

29th May 11am Book Club (Jackie's)

1st June 9am-5pm Village Cafe

4th June 730pm Produce Show Committee Meeting

12th June 7pm Low Hutton History Walk (Meet at Oak Tree, Village Green)

15th June 7pm Quiz Night

19th June 7pm High Hutton History Walk (Meet at Church)

26th June 7pm North of A64 History Walk (Meet High Hutton Lane End)

26th June 11am Book Club 11am (Alisons's)

29th June 10am-5pm History Group Open Day

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Monday, 6 May 2019

Parish Council/Annual Meeting - 15th May 2019

The next Huttons Ambo Parish Council meeting takes place at the village hall on Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm.

This month's meeting includes the annual meeting of the parish council which includes a review of what the council has done over the previous year.

All are very welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting Agenda:


15th MAY 2019


1 Welcome
2 Approval of minutes
3 Chairman’s report
4 Finance officer’s report
6 Any Other Business

Parish Council Agenda:
15th MAY 2019


1 Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence

2 Approval of Minutes of meeting on 19th March

3 Matters arising:
  1. 30 mph speed limit
  2. Monitoring of PRoW
  3. Tree inspections
  4. Low Lane End
  5. Appointment of new clerk
  6. Crime survey – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  7. Parish footpath map
  8. Litter in Station ‘car park’
  9. Councillor vacancy
4 New matters:
  1. Library of things
  2. Road closure - Hydramotion

5 Planning:
  1. Barn House, High Gaterley (19/00143/HOUSE)
  2. Tofoo Company, York Rd Industrial Estate. (19/00394/FUL) Installation of effluent treatment plant.

6 Finance:
  1. Budget progress to 30th April 2019

7 Any Other Business

8 Date of next Meeting

Provisionally 16th July 2019

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

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