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Huttons Ambo Parish Council - Minutes - May 2019

NB: These are the minutes from the normal Parish Council Meeting

Huttons ambo parish council MINutes
From Meeting On May 15th 2019

  1. Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies

David Banks (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman and Philip Barraclough and Sarah Banks (Clerk). He also welcomed two members of the public.

2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the March meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  1. Council Vacancy: Following advertising of the vacancy on the village website, Facebook site and noticeboards, Emma Samuel, of High Hutton, volunteered to to join the PC and was duly co-opted as a councillor.

  1. 30mph Speed limit: David is awaiting a response from NYCC Highways department for a site inspection and discussion of options.

c) Monitoring of PRoW - David has met with Richard Wainwright to discuss the issues raised by the examination by volunteers of footpaths round the village. Richard is happy to look at the list of issues raised to see what remedial work might be necessary. The PC has said it will be happy to give assistance to any repair works that might be needed.

d) Tree inspections: David and Andy have contacted David Baynes and Cundalls to obtain quotes for examination and possible remedial action for trees on the village green.

e) Low Lane End: Following work by Highways England, there continues to be a safety issue with the turn off from the A64 at Low Lane End. Vehicles are using the lay-by and gateway opposite to turn round and present a hazard to other vehicles coming off the A64. Jem was writing to Highways England about this. David will check with Jem whether he has had any response from them.

Councillors also expressed concern about the new road barriers that were fitted during the work on the new cycle path. They felt the barriers had the effect of speeding up the traffic on the A64 as the entrance to Low Lane End was now obscured. This will be followed up.

f) Appointment of new clerk: Following the resignation of Jem Charles as clerk, Sarah Banks takes over as the new clerk. The PC expressed their thanks and gratitude to Jem for all his hard work in the role.

g) Crime Survey: The Chairman has responded to the online questionnaire

h) Parish Footpath Map: David reported that it was proving expensive to produce maps as discussed previously. It was decided to look at other avenues for displaying a map, possibly in a waterproof frame next to the noticeboards. Simon suggested some money could be spent on adding more way markers to footpaths in and around the village.

i) Litter in Station ‘Car Park’: Philip reported that following discussions with the police, this rubbish is from drug use. The police are monitoring the situation adding that there was no threat to the public. It appears that the issue has now stopped, which is often the case as users move on to other locations.

Andy had been in contact with Streetscene regarding obtaining bins for this area. The cost of a ground-fixed bin would be £175 plus VAT. A post-mounted bin which could be placed at the Low Hutton bus shelter would cost £50 plus VAT. If the council used Streetscene bins they will be part of the regular bin collection. Andy will look at sourcing a concrete slab and will fit a bin near the railway bridge after consulting with people who park their car here to find a suitable location for the bin. The PC agreed to buy these bins.

4. New Matters

  1. Library of Things
A number of residents are keen to set up a Library of Things in the village, whereby villagers could loan and borrow items between themselves. Whilst the council were keen to support this, councillors felt there were too many issues surrounding liability and insurance that they were not able to take a practical role in.

b) Road closure - Hydramotion - There was no special comment to add to this

5 Planning

  1. Barn House, High Gaterley (19/00143/HOUSE)
  1. Tofoo Company, York Rd Industrial Estate (19/00394/FUL) Installation of effluent treatment plant.

6. Finance
  1. Budget Progess to April 30th 2019
David gave a break down of the figures. Current balance in the account is £7536 after the first tranche of precept was paid in of £1400. Expenditure so far this year has involved grass cutting, £65; payment of insurance to Zurich Insurance £248 and rental of storage at the village hall of £96. Councillors are advised to hold a reserve of twice their annual precept which for Huttons Ambo would be £5600. So we are carrying an excess of £1936. Councillors dressed ideas of how to spend this money for the benefit of the village. However, the examination of trees on the village green plus any remedial works might involve spending a substantial portion of this excess. We await quotes to find out what the costs might be.

Other ideas for spending included more grass cutting and the possible siting of a bench on the village green. Andy will look into the cost of this.

7. AOB

8. Date of next meetings
Tuesday, July 16th at 7.30pm and provisionally, Tuesday, September 10th at 7.30pm

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

© 2019

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