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Huttons Ambo History Group - Minutes - May 2019

Minutes of Huttons Ambo Parish History Group meeting held on Thursday 9TH May 2019
Present at meeting
Philip Barraclough (PB), Graham Milner (GM) David Green (DG) Emma Samuel(ES) Susan Milward (SM) Alan Sanders (AS), Joyce Parker(JS) Bob Mansell, Diane Savage and Carol Haigh (CH)
1. Apologies for Absence
Denise Doggett(DD), Ann Sanders, Pam Taylor (PT), Andy Doorman (AD), Andrew Rona Charles(RC),
2. Minutes of last meeting were agreed
3. The Exhibition
PB confirmed that the Exhibition would now take place on Saturday 29th June.
Refreshments based on a Victorian theme (Liz Ellis has agreed to sponsor the refreshments)
It was agreed set up should begin on the Friday night and there should be a trial run the previous weekend.
 4. Oral history
PB reported that due to time commitments he would be unable to undertake this before the Exhibition.
5. History walks
It was agreed that the history walks etc. go ahead as scheduledand that Simon Jackson/Murray Naylor be contacted regarding the history of the church and that Claire Jenyngs be contacted regarding access to the grounds of the Hall.
6. Fund Raising
DD will hold a fund raising event on the 1ST June
7. Archaeological Dig
PB reported that he had met with Jon Kenny regarding the archaeology in the fields around Netherby Hall. He was fairly certain that there would be interesting archaeology in both fields. He will contact York Archaeological Air Mapping re an aerial survey using a drone. He will try and ensure that we are given notification so that we can view. He also said that he has some Geophysical survey equipment he made lend to us to survey the fields (and instruct us in their use). ES stated that she also has access to equipment and would investigate.
Jon Kenny had provided views of the two fields from Google Earth and these clearly showed an enclosure in the field immediately north of Station Cottages and ridge and furrow in the field to the north of that. The group speculated about the nature of the large enclosure in that field which both routes out of the village respect. PB and ES thought that this field might be an easier target at this stage as the archaeology appeared simpler than the Station Cottage field.
The group also discussed Netherby Hall itself and it was agreed that it would of value to if possible get a building specialist to look at it and potentially other buildings in the village such as Manor Farm.
It was agreed that as a first step we would confirm the presence of archaeology though the surveys. If we decide to proceed it was agreed that we would need a project a research plan.
Jon Kenny will provide his time free at this state (the aerial mapping is also free). If however the project looks like it will evolve into something of substance requiring funding Jon will help in seeking to raise funds (lottery etc)
DD to do Village News Letter
ES to investigate borrowing geophysical survey equipment
CH to contact Kate Giles
Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting is on Thursday 13th June in the Village Hall at 7pm.

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