Friday, 29 May 2015



1.         Welcome        Chairman Andy Dorman welcomed, Cllrs Jessie Garnett, David Banks, Richard Green & Simon Lealman, Jem Charles (Clerk) and 2 members of the public.  The Council expressed thanks to Maggie Stone for her long service to the Council.

2.         Minutes of Last meeting - Agreed as being a true record and duly signed.  There were no matters arising.
3.         Chairman’s report:
a)     Maintenance of the Village Green and footpaths has been sustained despite the loss of grant, at a cost of £320.
b)     A Parish Plan, arising from the village surveys carried out by the Council, has been drawn up and will be distributed within the next few weeks.
c)     Road repairs to potholes at Low Lane end and to the verge at High Hutton post box have been carried out.
d)     Improvements to the drainage of the road corner near Mynchon have been made.
e)     The swing bridge has been re-decked.
f)       The Council had raised concerns about the consultation concerning the trial lowering of the River Derwent.
g)     Heavy road usage, particularly of Water Lane, resulting from engineering works by Network Rail have caused damage to road verges.  The Council will press for proper repair.
h)     The Council supported parishioners who objected to a  planning application for major development with the effect that some landscape improvements might have been achieved.  The Council regretted the lack of co-operation from Ryedale District Council planning committee.
i)       The Welburn heating oil syndicate has been made available to households in the Parish and fuel price reductions have been welcomed.

5.         Finance
Expenditures were lower than budget.  Savings have been made, mainly in the cost of insurance, but also in miscellaneous expenditure.  This has allowed a greater degree of footpath and roadside maintenance.

The Council’s expenditure was £2205 and income £2750.  It holds a balance of £3432.

6.         Public Questions & Statements
a)     Lowering of the Derwent trial – the Environment Agency had been surprised by the degree of interest.  Will the Council establish contact with the Yorkshire Derwent Catchment Partnership?  Jem will write.
b)     River bank reinforcement – the culvert at the Yorkshire Water treatment site access has been damaged by the extraordinary traffic.  Jem will contact the contractors.


Andy Dorman, Chairman, Huttons Ambo Parish Council

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