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1.         Election of Chairman  Cllr. Andy Dorman was proposed as Chairman by Cllr. Richard Green, seconded by Cllr. Simon Lealman.  Andy accepted and, there being no other nominations, was elected Chairman for 2015/16.  Andy made it clear that he would not be willing to serve as Chairman after the end of this year but would continue as a Councillor.

2.         Present & Apologies Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, David Banks, Richard Green & Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  The Chairman welcomed David who had been elected for the first time on May 7th.

3.         Minutes of the March meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

4.         Matters Arising
a)  Parish Community Plan
Andy reported that the Plan is being edited by a member of Ryedale DC staff and will be with the printers very shortly.  He expected distribution within a few weeks.
b)  Commons Act 2006
Jem reported that the village green is not subject to this legislation so re-registration is not required.
c) Salt Bins
Andy reported that NYCC, as part of their cost cutting measures, will only service those bins/heaps already notified; Orchard Corner, High Hutton post box and both the bin and the heap on Water Lane.  There was agreement that this would not be sufficient in a severe winter and that the Parish Council should make additional provision.  Andy will endeavour to find a suitable storage location for a supply and, on confirmation of the location, Jem will order 1 Tonne at an expected cost of £100 including delivery.

5.         New Matters
a)  YLCA membership
Jem had learnt that the subscription would, as a concession, be lowered again for this year, from £111 to £43 but would, in all probability, be raised again next year.  Jem will send the subscription dues and write suggesting that an alternative rate scale be introduced to avoid such a sudden rise for small councils.
b)  NYCC – Stronger Communities programme
Grant assistance for improvements to the Village Hall would have been available under this scheme but would have necessitated a substantial contribution from the Parish Council.  An alternative application for funds from the National Lottery is being prepared.
c)  N. Yorkshire Police – Community Grants
Limited funding assistance is available for small schemes that contribute to public safety or crime reduction. It was agreed that many vehicles are driven too fast in the Village and, particularly, along back Lane.  Andy will investigate the possibility grant funding for speed reduction initiatives and of acquiring warning signs to reduce the risk to children.
d)  Grass Cutting
Jem explained that the NYCC regime from this year will be to cut road junction visibility splays but not any other road verges.  It was agreed that the result is likely to be very much poorer visibility along much of Low and Back Lanes.  It is important that villagers understand why this is occurring. Jem will arrange for information to be distributed in the Village Bulletin explaining the change, brought about by NYCC having to reduce costs.
Councillors will monitor the condition of verges and discuss the need, or otherwise, of any remedial verge cutting as the season progresses.
e)  New Pensions Regulations
Jem presented a letter from the Pensions Regulator explaining that all employers must enrol all staff in  a workplace pension scheme.  It was agreed that this seems inappropriate to the Council but Jem will complete the formalities as necessary.

f)   De-fibrillator
It will be possible to obtain a unit, along with a storage cabinet and training for up to 20 members of the Community, at a cost of £1874.  It was agreed that such provision could prove invaluable but that it was beyond the means of the Parish Council alone.  Significant commitment from the community would also be required as sufficient trained operators would have to agree to be available around the clock.  Jem will ask whether such commitment could be assessed through the continual consultation required for the Lottery Grant application for the Village Hall improvements.
g)  Register of Interest and Declaration of Acceptance
Jem reminded Councillors to submit the necessary forms.

6.         Planning
a)  Ian Brown Tyres
Withdrawn following objection from NYCC Highways.
b)  Ray Chapman Motors
c)  4 Station Cottages
Jem will write to RDC supporting this application.

7.         Finance
a)  Budget Progress
Jem presented income/expenditure data, in period and to date and the position is satisfactory.
b)  Jem also presented the end of year Audit documentation which was approved.

8.         Any Other Business
a) Copper beech opposite Herbie’s
Simon asked whether any action was needed to reduce the spread which reaches almost ½ way across the road.  Simon will try to ascertain whether the tree has any memorial value before further discussion.
b) Giant Hogweed
Network Rail has promised to let Andy know, by the 26th of May, what action will be taken to control this weed which is spreading between the railway and the river.  Jem reported that the East Yorkshire Rivers Trust is planning control measures once permissions have been obtained.
c)  A64 Junctions
The recent accident had again highlighted the dangerous nature of these junctions.  It was agreed that an approach should be made to the Department for Transport for a representative to meet the Council to discuss improvements.  Jem will approach the DfT to try to arrange a meeting.
Jem will also ascertain responsibility for the road at the Barneygate Lane/A64 junction where a large semi-permanent puddle is a significant hazard to traffic and pedestrians.
d)  Broadband
Andy reported that the Superfast North Yorkshire project has no specific plans to upgrade provision for Huttons Ambo.  Jem will contact LN Communications to ascertain whether a wireless connection might be viable.
9.         Date of Next meeting(s)
8th July at 7.30 and, provisionally, 16th September at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Andy Dorman, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

© 2015

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