Wednesday 12 June 2013

Transport News

Following the Science Fiction theme established by Philip Stone with his series of photographs of Richard Wainwright's  night-time agriculture, I should like to allay concerns about the imminent arrival of Daleks into the village ! No, not Daleks but ....

....The Bus Shelters are coming !!
The Parish Council has secured grants from Ryedale District Council and from The Howardian Hills Sustainable Development Fund. These two grants will provide some 80 -90 % of the total cost. The village via the Parish Precept will fund the remaining sum.
The bus shelter bases are currently being prepared - just waiting for the ready-mixed concrete.
The shelters for the Daleks ...sorry for the bus passengers are being constructed entirely of wood, with an integral seat and a shingle roof. They should be thoroughly in keeping with the village.
A non-artists sketch of the shelter
Hopefully all should be completed within the next couple of months and then perhaps the Daleks will be saying ...
Wait in comfort ........ Wait in comfort ........ Wait in comfort.
More news when I have some,
Andy Dorman

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