Friday, 24 April 2020

Huttons Ambo Newsletter - April 20th to May 3rd 2020

 Huttons Ambo Newsletter-April 20th to May 3rd 2020

The shop remains open at the following times:

Monday 7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Tuesday7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Wednesday7.45-10 am4pm to 6pm
Thursday7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Friday 7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Saturday8.30am-10.30am4pm to 6pm
Sunday 8.30am-10.30amCLOSED

Shop delivery Service.

If anyone is self- isolating or would prefer to have their shopping delivered please contact the shop during opening hours:

There is a small charge for this service.

We have deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables 3 times a week from Dales of Malton.  

If we can have orders for collection as follows:

Friday for Monday's delivery

Monday for Wednesday's delivery

Wednesday for Friday's delivery 

Turners Butchers in Rillington are willing to do a weekly meat delivery to the shop
This would be for confirmed orders only made through the village shop. 

If you would be interested please email Denise, she will be contacting the Butchers this week to see what he is able to deliver so if you haven’t already done so please register your interest either with Denise or at Herbies.

This weekend 24th, 25th there will be home baked mini cakes for sale on Friday and Saturday.

Bakewell TartsLemon CakesChocolate Orange
Chocolate PeppermintVictoria SpongeCoffee
BrowniesRhubarb crumbles

Minster Hill Plant Sale

Due to the lock down it looks as if we will have to cancel the plant sale on May 2nd.

However I have lots of plants and from April 18thplan to put them on a table just inside the gates of Minster Hill with an honesty box in aid of St Margarets Church. Most of the plants are labelled but I am running out of labels.

My telephone number is:

so try ringing me if you need advice but taking a punt on plants is fun. We all need a bit of cheering up and can all keep well away from each other. You can always look around the garden if someone else is looking.

Regards Rosa Naylor

The Howardian.

The Publishing of the Howardian has been suspended until further notice.

Covid- 19 – Advice for pet owners

Can Coronavirus spread to pets?

The key advice for the government for pet owners is to wash hands regularly ,including before and after contact with animals.

Animal charities encourage people with suspected Covid-19 to try and keep their pets in a separate part of the home to where they are self -isolating -just to be on the safe side.

A continued BIG THANK YOU to all of those providing support to villagers and/or have put themselves forward for the list of volunteers who can be called upon.

© 2020

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