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16 MAY 2017

1.       Welcome     
Richard Green (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs Jessie Garnett, David Banks, Andy Dorman & Simon Lealman, Jem Charles (Clerk) and five members of the public.
2.       Chairman’s report:
a)    Finance: The Council finances have been managed prudently so as to maintain a small reserve.  This will allow some flexibility to respond to unforeseen needs as they arise.
b)    Potholes: Significant Council time and effort is spent on these.  Periodically potholes have been listed, measured and those meeting NYCC current intervention criteria, reported.  A large number have, as a result, been filled, though more work will continue to be needed.  An effective means of working with NYCC Highways seems to have been developed.
c)    A64 junctions: The long running impasse between Highways and NYCC Highways, whereby neither accepts responsibility for maintenance, continues.  Kevin Hollinrake, MP and Clare Wood, County Councillor have been contacted and some minor repairs have been effected.  The Council is continuing to work with them, and others, to bring about agreement on responsibilities.
d)    Buck Lane:
i         Gullies & Soakaways - Following lengthy correspondence and consultation these were cleared and re-excavated.
ii        Pavements - Path edgings were cleared during the summer by 2 volunteers from Give and Gain, the Racing Welfare Charity, and volunteers from the village. These were again cleared in February/March 2017 by the new grass cutting contractor.
e)    Pavements in Low Hutton: Footpath edges between Herbie’s and Manor Farm, were cleared and tidied to a high standard by volunteers.
f)      Pavement surfaces: The poor condition of footpath surfaces have been reported to, and as a result inspected by, NYCC Highways. Schemes of full reconstruction have been prepared for the stretches Herbie’s to Manor Farm in Low Hutton, and Home Farm to the telephone box in High Hutton. However, no funds have been allocated as yet for the repairs.
g)    NYCC Public Rights of Way Consultation: The proposed approach to categorisation and maintenance were reviewed and feedback provided to NYCC.
h)    Verge cutting: The new regime by NYCC Highways in which only visibility lines, mainly at road junctions, are cut started very late, resulting in unsightly and dangerous verges.  Several volunteers carried out cutting in various locations before the contractor started operations.
i)       Grass cutting: The 2016 contractor had been unable to carry out the agreed programme and a new contractor was appointed late in the summer to good effect.
j)      Copper beech on the green: Crown lifting was carried out by volunteers as complaints had been made about branches overhanging the road.
k)     Giant hogweed: The Council has continued to assist the EY Rivers Trust control a large patch between the river and railway.  This work will continue.
l)      River Derwent: On behalf of the Council, Rona Charles attended meetings and liaised with the River Derwent Catchment Partnership. The Council was particularly interested in the potential plans for work on the Kirkham Weir and Sluices.
m)  Swing bridge: Good liaison had been established with NYCC Highways and the Council. This had ensured that residents were aware of impending closures whilst the long awaited, and often requested, repair and redecoration was carried out.
n)    Broadband: The Council had investigated extensively the issue of lack of superfast broadband.  Different provision options were explored via discussions with potential providers and the results communicated to villagers.  Recently, Beeline has provided a viable solution which a good number of villagers have now taken up.
o)    Barneygate Lane end bus shelter: A broken glass pane was replaced after lobbying NYCC by the Council.
p)    Low Hutton telephone box: BT had undertaken a consultation on proposed closure.  The Council had investigated options and informed Ryedale DC that, if it was closed, the Parish would wish to adopt.  RDC subsequently objected to BT.
q)    Mobile Post Office: The inability of this to provide a satisfactory service because of telecommunications problems has been investigated. Our MP has been contacted along with many other involved parties including the Post Office and BT Openreach. The whole set-up of these relationships is convoluted and complicated. This investigation is ongoing.
r)      Charitable: The Council facilitated a Marie Curie Tea Party held by Meeting Point.  £132 was raised for the charity.

3.       Finance
Expenditure was less than budgeted.  This was largely due to problems with the grass cutting contract meaning that cuts were missed,  Savings were also made, mainly in the contingency allocation and as a result of some village maintenance being carried out by volunteers.  There were also modest underspends on sundries and expenses.

The Council’s expenditure was £2323 and income £2750 resulting in a balance carried forward of £4617.

4.       Public Questions & Statements
a)    Kirkham Weir & Sluices:  Rona Charles reported that, despite expectations, no further progress has been made by the Environment Agency on developing options.
b)    Yorkshire Derwent Partnership: Rona outlined the objectives of the initiative, formerly the River Derwent Catchment Partnership, and provided copies of their newsletter.  She offered to post the newsletter on the village website and also to publicise their request, and act as co-ordinator, for reports of non-native invasive weeds (giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed) within, and in the vicinity of, the Parish.  Richard gratefully accepted both offers.
c)     Pull-in opposite Herbie’s: Susan Millward had suggested that a sign should be erected indicating that the space is for turning only, not parking.  There was a general view that inconsiderate parking was not a significant problem and the suggestion was rejected.
d)    “Lay by” at Low Lane end: Murray Naylor asked whether the use of this piece of land as an unofficial lay by and turning area could be curtailed.  It was agreed that the Council could not physically block or restrict access as it is not known who owns the land.  Simon undertook to try to ascertain ownership so that the Council can consider options.

Signed:……………………………….(Chairman, 2016/17)   Dated:………………….

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