Monday, 2 May 2016

Taizé - May 2016

What is Taizé?

We are a small group of villagers from High and Low Hutton who meet monthly for a quiet service of contemplation, prayer and song. The songs are short and we repeat them many times so we become quite used to their notes which allows us to sing them in unaccompanied harmony. Africans sing in harmony naturally as they have been brought up to. We need a little more help but it is really quite simple.

Come and sing with us. You will feel uplifted after the hour and we quite often have a glass of wine and stay for a chat afterwards.

 Michael and Lesley Sessions    Tel 228375

Taize future meetings for your diary:

Tuesday 17th May Castle Howard chapel 7.30pm

Tuesday 20th September Welburn church. 7.30pm

Saturday 21st May venue and meeting tbc

Tuesday 11th October 7.30pm venue and meeting tbc

Tuesday 21st June Judith Brays 7.30pm    
Tuesday 15th November Terrington Church 7.30pm.

Tuesday 19th July Dalby Church 7.30pm  
Tuesday 13th December Michael and Lesley’s home 7.30pm

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