Friday, 8 April 2016

Life is full of surprises - update

After we published 'Life is Full Of Suprises' by Arthur Flounders Brown in 2014 we had some follow up information from Paul Gray which included a photograph of an unidentified railyway worker.

Now Rob Mackley writes to say:

'Very interesting reading. I have this old photo too and understand the old railway worker is Charles Harrison my Great-Great-Grandfather. My Great-Grandfather was Edward (Ned) Harrison, His daughter Eliza Arrabella married my Grandfather William Mackley and my father Ralph Ronald Mackley was their youngest son.
I have a fairly complete family tree and know the farm they lived and
worked on - it is near my home in Newtondale'

Rob Mackley

© 2016

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  1. I wonder if the Ned Harrison of the photo is related to the Mary Harrison who was the third wife of John Walker, the land magnate of Westow though, of course, Harrison is a fairly common surname. This information, however, is a valuable addition to mine and Paul Gray's family history.