Sunday, 27 March 2016

Kirkham Weir and Sluice update

Kirkham Weir and Sluice update

Since the last blog on this subject (on 15 February), we have received a list of the options for the weir and sluice and a couple of sets of meeting notes (notes-1, notes-2) from the Environment Agency. Based on your comments, I sent the attached response (link). If you would like to discuss any of this or if you have any views which you don’t think have been taken into account so far, please contact me at Ambo Cottage (High Hutton), 696070, c/o I have been asked to pass on any further comments as soon as possible so that EA’s consultants are able to include them in their appraisal of the options.

There will be a final meeting of the ‘engagement group’ later in April, where EA’s consultants will present the outcome of the options appraisal and their final recommendation(s) and give us the opportunity for final comments. 

Rona Charles

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