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Village Notices - June 2015


French Conversation Group    Fortnightly on Mondays 7.30-9pm
A French Conversation Group has been formed in Huttons Ambo. Pitched at those with intermediate level French, the group will meet fortnightly on a Monday evening from 7.30 till 9pm in Low Hutton.  There is no cost, and there will be a Jacob’s Feast arrangement of food.  The group had their first meeting in May, however would welcome new members at any time.  Phone Michael on 01653 690357 or email for more information.

Good Neighbours Scheme – Rural Action Yorkshire are initiating & supporting this scheme both financially and with advice.
This is a scheme which helps communities operate a network of volunteers to be available to community members in times of need – keeping an eye, offering support such as shopping and being around and available if anyone needs extra company and a little time.
We are lucky that our village is a caring place and people do watch out for each other – this scheme would just give it a little more structure.
It’s aim would be to help us look for wider opportunities and extended support networks whilst providing a toolkit of information on other associated issues such as safeguarding. We already have several people who have expressed an interest in learning more about this scheme and if we get a few more we will arrange a meeting with RAY in our village to discuss the potential of setting up the scheme here.
If you would be interested to attend a meeting and know more please let Liz know – we cannot progress unless we have your feedback.

Huttons Ambo Youth Club – if you were unable to join the  consultation at the Meeting Point on May 30th with North Yorkshire Youth but are still interested in the programme either as a participating younger member of our community, a regular volunteer leader or a one off session leader then please get in touch. We have funding and organisational support for North Yorkshire Youth who will arrange training, certification and make sure everyone understand what would be involved if you were to offer your time a leader and make sure that all safeguarding and insurance issues were taken care of and that we had access to central resources of specialist session leaders and advice on all aspects of running such activities. There is also financial support for equipment and hall rental subsidy.
The next step after the consultation  would be a training and briefing session for all adults interested in supporting this venture as parents or leaders and then we are hoping to move forward to a programme of activities from September/October.
We know the youngsters would love it to happen and have many great ideas for activities and we also have a couple of volunteer leaders already.
Again we need to know your thoughts and if you could help us before we take this further and in order to apply for support.

Defibrillator Unit – we potentially have access to part funding (£1000) to buy and site a defibrillator in the village and to train up to 20 residents in its use and general first aid. This is part of a scheme run by Yorkshire Ambulance.
The Defibrillator unit delivers a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the heart – the process of Defibrillation and is often key to a successful outcome in a cardiac episode if administered in good time.
·         We are a small isolated rural community 3 miles from Malton hospital which has no A&E.
·         Our nearest hospitals are York (15 miles) and Scarborough (30 miles)#
·         The access on and off the A64 and the general congestion of this main road particularly at weekends and at peak times often makes speedy transit impossible.
·         Out of our  270 residents – 90 are over 60 years of age.
Statistics show that ambulance response times - even for red 1 category call outs still fail to meet time targets

In this link the red 1 category relates to situations in which citizens require an ambulance for immediately life threatening situations
for which there are on average 37 occurrences per month.
The data shows that during 12/13, YAS have failed to achieve the target on ten separate occasions within 8 minutes, and six occasions within 19 minutes.

The full cost of the unit, a secure cabinet and training in its use and general first aid would be £2248.80 inc VAT.
This is a significant amount even with £1000 funding towards it.
If we have community support then we can look for extra funding sources and arrange some fundraising activities to raise enough to make the purchase and hold the training. To qualify for the grant we would need to have the match fund amount and make the purchase before February 2016.
We already have several volunteers willing to train up in its use so we just need to have your thoughts on it as a facility - if you would support its purchase and installation.
To make a successful application for funding and to know this is something the village would really like and are prepared to part fund – we need your feedback know

Boule/Petanque Court – we may be able to source some funding for the provision of some activity infrastructure particularly for the older adults in our community and boules is a gentle sport suitable for people of all ages and conditions, and a great way to pull a community together.
How about a boule court and some boules for community use ?
For more information about the game see
If you think this would be a good idea and something you would use and enjoy if it was available in the village please let us know.


Particularly for the schemes which require some grant funding we need to have feedback from you to include in our application so please get in touch if you think any of the ideas are good ones even if you are unable to directly help with your time or input in the organisation.

If you have ideas for other activities or capital expenses such as new card tables for the hall etc. – please get in touch.
Whilst we are carrying out our applications for the refurbishment funding for the Village Hall we seem to be accessing all kinds of other sources of support so please share your ideas so we can use every funding opportunity we can find and make our village an even better place to live and enjoy.

Liz Ellis

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